I'm on the road to become a self-published author.
Authors need a website. So yeah... here we all are.
It is going to be a work in progress for some time and the mechanics are experimental to some degree.
I'm writing my first serious story, developing the editor application I use for writing and building & maintaining this web site.
The editor application can update this site as I progress in the stories I intend to write. As I add new story elements such as characters, world building lore, bibliography and reference images, I can publish them to the site.
The problem is trying to avoid spoilers and I think I've found a solution for this.
So please bear with me while I try different approaches to providing measured information to any prospective reader of my works.
If you have an interest in writing, then you may find something useful in Author Stuff.
There are some personal thoughts on the craft, some downloads of interest to writers, and some useful links.
Any questions, please contact me and I'll try to answer as best I can or...
If you find any errors, I would be grateful if you would let me know on the Contact page.

Ian Rendell.