My education in English was at year 11 Australian high-school level.
Much to the chagrin of my long suffering English teacher, I was an indifferent student at best.
A single saving grace was being a prolific reader. Devouring books on science, especially history, archaeology and whatever Sci-Fi and Fantasy stories I could get my hands on in a small country high-school library.
It gave me a broad vocabulary and an above average general knowledge at the time.
I remember feeling disappointed that most fiction stories that I read were way too short and no sooner than you got into the 'good bits' then the story was over. I searched for thicker books with longer stories and finally picked up this sizeable tome by some guy called Tolkien.
I'm sure reading it (20+ times) had an influence on my love of the epic story style that continues today.
I wanted to understand the rules. The critical syntax of writing. How to evoke the emotion and wonder I have felt reading a great novel in any reader of my stories.
You develop your own style based on trial, error and consistant writing. You can listen to all the advice in the world, but pick your path carefully through the inconsistencies. Cherry pick what works for you. My personal approach is not a scholarly one. I have no formal qualifications in English, so take my advice with that fact firmly in your mind.
Along the never ending journey of attempting to become a better writer, I've tried a lot of things, watched quite a few videos from various authors and picked up a lot of solid information.
I have to give a shout out to Brandon Sanderson and his BYU lectures on writing science fiction & fantasy. They have been an excellent groundwork to build on.
Writing has become a big part of my life. It allows me to flex the muscles of my imagination and is as creative as being an artist or a sculptor. I want to paint with words and sculpt the pictures in my readers imagination. I want them to feel the full range of emotions.
The highs and the comparative lows. I think this is what any author should strive for.