General Bibliography

This is my General Bibliography where I store information for current and prospective stories.
Sorted into my rather dubious categories, they mainly pertain to the way in which I'm going to use the information, rather on the exact information type. So you may see some strange inclusions.
The links are predominately YouTube videos with a scattering of Wikipedia and general internet.
For bibliography used for a specific story, you will need to select the story and the view option in Select Stories

YouTube YouTube Wikipedia Wikipedia General Internet General Internet


Wikipedia Manorialism


YouTube Blue Eyes

Armour & Shields

YouTube Armour - Lamellar armour & Blackpowder guns

Art & Sculpture

YouTube Hand painting
YouTube The World's First Artists - A View into the Stone Age


Wikipedia Solstice

Birds & Bats

YouTube Amazing starlings murmuration
YouTube Cassowary
General Internet Swim Bladder


Wikipedia Birdcatcher trees

Bows & Slings

YouTube Archery - the Agincourt myth
YouTube Archery. Its history and forms.
YouTube Balearic Slingers Documentary
YouTube How to make a staff-sling - in possibly too much detail
YouTube How to throw a Bolas
YouTube Making Flint Arrow heads
YouTube Nubian Archers - Longbowmen of Africa
YouTube Shepherd Sling: amazing accuracy with primitive rock ammunition
YouTube Six Medieval Arrow Types
General Internet Sling Research

Building Methods

YouTube Did the Djed Pillar help build the Pyramids?
YouTube How to Build the Perfect Castle
Wikipedia Limestone Morter
YouTube Out of place Artifacts
YouTube Roman Concrete
Wikipedia Thatching


YouTube Unknown methods of stone processing in ancient Peru


General Internet Cats eyes Slitted
YouTube Lykoi – The Werewolf Cat
YouTube Mained Wolf - South America

Castles & Towers

General Internet Castles and manor houses
YouTube Japanese castles
YouTube The Living Stones of Sacsayhuaman

Caves & Cenotes

General Internet Cenotes, The Hidden Gems Of The Yucatan


YouTube Documentary on Alula: Architects of Ancient Arabia
YouTube Kowloon - The Densest City In The World Had A (Strange) Secret

Climate and Seasons.

YouTube Younger Dryas

Clothing & Jewellery

YouTube Cree Indian 13 step tanning process
Wikipedia Fresh water Pearl Shellfish
YouTube Growing and processing Flax
YouTube Hide Tanning- Traditional Scottish Methods & Peat Bog Survival Uses
YouTube Historical clothing - Perior Attire
General Internet Invention of the Trousers
YouTube Natural Dyeing
YouTube Period Clothing - Karolina Żebrowska
YouTube Prehistoric Nettle Textiles, scraping and splicing
General Internet Space blanket
YouTube The production of Lotus silk (from stems)


General Internet Ancient Civilizations had no name for the colour Blue.
YouTube Egyption Blue
YouTube Prussian Blue
YouTube YinMn Blue - Testing The First Blue Pigment In Over 200 years...

Comets & meteors

General Internet Did a Comet Cause a North American Die-Off around 13,000 Years Ago?
Wikipedia Oumuamua


General Internet Radio Check

Culinary Practices

General Internet How long does dried fish last
General Internet Ration packs


YouTube The astounding origins of blue, black, orange, red & other colors


YouTube Animal domestication - Moose
YouTube Evolution of Horses and their Relatives
YouTube Indo Europeans & Horses
Wikipedia Jacob Sheep - Four horned - British
General Internet Study Of Horse breeding in England

Earths Magnetic Field

YouTube Astrum - Reversal of Earths magnetic field.
General Internet Earths magnetic Field flip
General Internet Magnetic excursion 42000 years ago

Flags & Crests

Wikipedia Complete guide to Heraldry

Forests and Jungles

YouTube Forests in the olden days
Wikipedia History of the forest in Central Europe
YouTube The Lost Forests of New England - Eastern Old Growth
YouTube Tom Wessels: Reading the Forested Landscape, Part 1

Fruits & Vegtables

Wikipedia Tomato Plant & History


Wikipedia Glossary Of Landforms
YouTube The Earth 200,000 Years Ago
YouTube The Earth Have Been Like Without Life

Grains & legumes

YouTube Ancient Grains

Guns & Rifles

Wikipedia Gunpowder - Sodium Nitrate
YouTube How to Make Black Gunpowder
General Internet Unexploded bombs pacific Islands
YouTube Why Firearms Took the Place of Bow and Arrow - The Rise of the Handgunner in Europ


YouTube Ancient Hairstyles - Roman


YouTube Gaur - Indian Buffalo

Human Evolution

YouTube Carl Jung and the Psychology of the Man-Child
Wikipedia Chest To Waist ratio
Wikipedia Eidetic memory
General Internet Extending Life Expectancy
General Internet Eye Colour percentages
General Internet Hip to waist ratio: Evolutionary theroies
Wikipedia Homo heidelbergensis
YouTube Humans brain size reduction
YouTube Introduction to Human Behavioral Biology
Wikipedia Pareidolia
General Internet Rythm method of Contraception.
Wikipedia Selkie
YouTube The astonishing tale of Homo Naledi
YouTube The Evolution and Meanings of Human Skin Color | Nina Jablonski
YouTube The Weird Rules of Evolution
General Internet Viking ancestory
YouTube What is Sentience?

Human History

YouTube Mythological History of the Aztec
YouTube The First Farmers (20000 BC to 8000 BC)

Human medical

Wikipedia Ayahuasca
General Internet How many eggs a female human has at birth
General Internet Malaria
General Internet Menopause across species
General Internet Scientists reactivate scar-free wound healing in adult skin
YouTube The Effects of Longer Lifespans
YouTube Ticks Lymes disease
YouTube Why Snails Kill 200 000 People Every Year
General Internet Wound healing Process


YouTube Primative fishing with line & Hook
YouTube Top 10 Deer Hunting Mistakes

Insects & Spiders

YouTube House Centipedes
Wikipedia Respiratory System of Insects
General Internet Spider Bites
YouTube The Insane Biology of: Ant Colonies

Languages & Codes

YouTube 10 Letters We Dropped From The Alphabet
YouTube An Adventure in English - Melvyn Bragg
General Internet Capitalisation
General Internet English language
YouTube Evolution of the Alphabet | Earliest Forms to Modern Latin Script
YouTube Family Trees in Other Languages: Our world's 7 kinship systems
YouTube How Old is Written Sanskrit
YouTube Quipus string language
General Internet The Punctuation Guide
General Internet What's another word for
YouTube Why We Might Use Different Numbers in the Future
YouTube Word use & Verbs


YouTube Survival- Emergency Tree Resin Torch


YouTube Makup in Early Egypt
YouTube The Beautiful Women of Bronze Age Europe


YouTube Giant River Otter sounds

Maps & Locations

Wikipedia Vanimo - Papua New Guinea


YouTube Evolutionary Changes in Human Birth Spacing
YouTube Unraveling the Origins of Concealed Ovulation in Humans


YouTube The secret history of the Moon.

Moss & Lichen

YouTube Moss & Lichen: Which One Is Actually a Plant?

Mushrooms or Fungus

General Internet Parasite fluke in Ants
YouTube Parasitic Fungus - Ant
YouTube Parasitic organisims
Wikipedia Shelf Fungus
YouTube The Zombies That Live Among Us

Planets & Moons

YouTube There's Another Universe. This Is Why.

Prehistoric Creatures

YouTube A Modern Look at Dilophosaurus
YouTube Animal Origins - Palaeoloxodon Namdicus - Elephant
YouTube Cave hyenas - The Eurasian Bonecrushers
General Internet Dinosaurs could have avoided mass extinction
YouTube Dire wolves
YouTube Mesonychians: 'Wolves on Hooves'
General Internet Sabretooth - Roar or Purr
YouTube The Evolution of Bears
YouTube The evolution of Elephants
YouTube Velociraptor
YouTube When We Met Monsters
YouTube Wierd Rules of Evolution


General Internet Arthur C Clarke - Magic
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
General Internet Greek Proverb - Planting trees
A socienty grows great when old men plant trees under whose shade they know they'll never sit in.
General Internet Gunga Din
Gunga Din is an 1890 poem by Rudyard Kipling set in British India. The poem is much remembered for its final line: "You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din" There is also a song by Jim Croce who's lyrics I sang to my kids while growing up. I shan't forget the night When I fell behind the fight With a bullet where my belt plate should a' been I was chokin' mad with thirst An' the man that spied me first Was our good ol' grinnin', gruntin' Gunga Din He lifted up my head An' he plugged me where I bled An' he gave me half a pint of water green It was crawlin' and it stunk But of all the drinks I've drunk I'm most grateful to the one from Gunga Din
Personal Library Hitchcocks Axiom
A good story is Life, with the dull bits taken out.
General Internet It’s better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war.
Personal Library Jason Roper Quote
Ah it's like any creative endeavour, you just get better at being less shit, and more adept at identifying your mistakes.
General Internet Knowledge becomes wisdom only after it has been put to good use.
By Mark Twain.
YouTube Napoleon Bonaparte - Never interrupt your enemy...
"Never interrupt your enemy while they're in the middle of making a mistake."
General Internet No plan survives first contact with implementation.
Andy Wier - the Author of the Martin
Wikipedia Open Seseme
The phrase first appears in Antoine Galland's Les Mille et une nuits (1704–1717) as Sésame, ouvre-toi (English, "Sesame, open yourself"). In the story, Ali Baba overhears one of the 40 thieves saying "open sesame". His brother later cannot remember the phrase, and confuses it with the names of grains other than sesame, becoming trapped in the magic cave. Sesame seeds grow in a seed pod that splits open when it reaches maturity, and the phrase possibly alludes to unlocking of treasures, although it is not certain that the word "sesame" actually refers to the sesame plant or seed.
General Internet Primative Ways
Primitive (first) skills are our shared inheritance. It is the shared thread which links us to our prehistory and binds us together as human beings.
General Internet Pussycat Swallowtail
One day...someone will spot it and smile.
General Internet Reading a book
Reading a book is simply staring at a dead piece of wood and hallucinating.
General Internet The axe forgets; the tree remembers. :Zimbabwean proverb.
The axe - From an obscure post on reddit.
General Internet The moving finger.
“The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ, Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line, Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.” ― Omar Khayyám
Personal Library There are no solutions - Only tradeoffs
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Relationshps & Marrige

General Internet Kissing
YouTube Tibetian Women mutiple husbands.


Wikipedia Gaia hypothesis
Wikipedia Headhunters
YouTube Sky father
YouTube Sumerian Religion Simplified
Personal Library The great mothers blind hand.

Rivers & Streams

General Internet Holes in River bedrock
YouTube What types of Landforms are made by Rivers?

Slavery and Bondage

YouTube Spartacus and other Slave Rebellions in Rome


YouTube Pleiades
YouTube Supernova Event near earth

Stratergies and Tactics

YouTube Combat - A Strategy to Defeating Larger Armies
YouTube Hattori Hanzo's "Shinobi Hiden" | The Three Famous Ninja Manuals
General Internet Reluctance to Kill in battle
YouTube The futility of war - Redefining the Anti-War Film
YouTube The History of Martial Arts of the Entire World • Brief Martial Arts
YouTube War elephants used in India
YouTube Weapons - 5 Powerful Ancient weapons
YouTube WW2 Japanese Military Brutality Explained

Swords, Daggers & Axes.

YouTube Africian Weapons
YouTube Battle Axes - How Underrated Are They?
YouTube How to Make and Use a Stone Knife
YouTube Recreating Otzi the Iceman's Flint Knife
YouTube Sword - Panabas
YouTube Sword spear
YouTube Swords - Falchion
YouTube Throwing Knives
YouTube Weapons - Odd historical blades

Teaching & Knowledge

Personal Library The Elements by Theodore Grey
YouTube The murder of ancient Alexandria's greatest scholar - Hypatia

Time measurement

Wikipedia Butterfly Effect
YouTube Clocks around the world: how other languages tell time
General Internet Travel times in the Roman empire
General Internet Western Australia Term breaks

Transport - Air

General Internet Airfare to New Guinea

Transport - Roads

General Internet Distance Walking
YouTube Roman Road Construction
YouTube Roman Road Excavation.
Wikipedia Travois

Transport - Water

YouTube Making and sailing a Coracles
General Internet Murray River paddle steamer
YouTube River Travel - North America
General Internet Static Electricity Generated by Flowing Liquid
YouTube The Coracle
General Internet Timber Rafts - Rhine River

Trees & Bushes

YouTube Giant Trees ( Top 5 )
YouTube How Oak Trees Manipulate Squirrels To Abandon Their Acorns
YouTube How Plants Became Carnivores
General Internet Penny Tree
YouTube Why Agarwood Is So Expensive

Utility Items

YouTube Make soap from wood ashes (lye water and tallow/lard)
YouTube Making a backpack and bark/reed chord.
YouTube Roman Combs
YouTube The 10 BEST Knots in Life

Vetinarian Medicine

General Internet Estrous Cycles in Cats


Wikipedia 536 - A year without summer


Wikipedia Baalbek Monoliths
YouTube Inca stone anonomoly
YouTube Sacsayhuamán

World Building

YouTube A Practical Guide To Building A Story World - Houston Howard
YouTube Female Characters in Arcane
YouTube Knights templer - Telluric Currents.
YouTube LIFE BEYOND II: The Museum of Alien Life (4K)
General Internet Power Thesaurus
General Internet Seventh Sanctum - Random Word generator
Wikipedia Telluric Current
YouTube Torbjörn Åhman - Blacksmith
Wikipedia Writing - Hemmingways iceburg
YouTube Writing Fight Scenes
General Internet Zinc-atom coating turns ant teeth into tough, sharp tools