All quiet, which is how we like it. Stay safe out there people.
Radio broadcast by a random Minuteman in the 'Castle' - 2287

Did a live test. Responsive view (Mobile phone) needs a lot of work. Considering most visitors will be using phones, this is now a priority.

Sticky News Item Decided to get start on my bucket list for this year. Registered a domain and got some hosting space.
Found that I'd forgotten most of the detailed knowledge on html, css and php that I had, so did a few online refresher courses.
I built a local web server then I built this site and integrated it into the application (Story Lathe).

Took the site down apart from the main page with a 'watch this space'.
I have a better idea of how I want this to look and feel and can play with a local version until things look and respond better to different view modes.

Refreshed site is now up and needs some testing.
It provides the basis for the mechanics I want to test to avoid spoilers.