All quiet, which is how we like it. Stay safe out there people.
Radio broadcast by a random Minuteman in the 'Castle' - 2287

Did a live test. Responsive view (Mobile phone) needs a lot of work. Considering most visitors will be using phones, this is now a priority.

Sticky News Item Decided to get start on my bucket list for this year. Registered a domain and got some hosting space.
Found that I'd forgotten most of the detailed knowledge on html, css and php that I had, so did a few online refresher courses.
I built a local web server then I built this site and integrated it into the application (Story Lathe).

Took the site down apart from the main page with a 'watch this space'.
I have a better idea of how I want this to look and feel and can play with a local version until things look and respond better to different view modes.

Refreshed site is now up and needs some testing.
It provides the basis for the mechanics I want to test to avoid spoilers.

Decided to re-do the categories that I have reference data assigned to. It was a much bigger task than I at first envisioned. I finally have it where I want it.

The next phase of non-writing work is the review and overhaul of the word lists.
The word lists are used to find words (or simple phrases) that are undesireable in writing.
Like most things, there is no definative list or good vs bad and it will depend a lot on context. By hilighting these words or phrases in your chapters/scenes, you have a much better chance of identifying poor use words and replacing them with something a little better.

Happy New Year.
After a long break to attend to some minor health issues, it's time to finish off the website and continue testing with some more stories that I have in development.

Just back from a 10 day Holiday in Malaysia. I did a lot of people watching while there and found it so inspiring. It gave me some great ideas for scenes in the story.

Back in the seat to do some serious updates and get the next few chapters done.
I'm getting much better at finding logic faults with the story now and am getting back into the story flow that I really enjoy. Not working to some structure, but rather letting the story unfold as I see the events happening in my minds eye.